In 1995 Global EDM Supplies (GEDMS) and Global Trade Network (GTN) were established to import and market patented high performance EDM Wires, manufactured by Swill in India.

Later in 1997 Kern Special Tools Company (KST) a regional supplier of consumable products was acquired to market patented products.

In 2005, GEDMS acquired Composite Concepts Company (CCC), where founder Dr. Dan Tomalin had just introduced gamma phase brass coated EDM wire to the industry based upon US patent 5,945,010.

In 2005 CCC introduced double coated, Gamma on Beta phase wires.

In 2008 CCC introduced Epsilon technology based on Dr. Tomalin’s patent 8,067,689.

In 2017, Dr. Dan Tomalin introduced high performance coated EDM wire that provides not only higher speed, but also a toughness which reduces wire breakage.  The US patent application was filed in 2017 and “Blaze” products were introduced. 

In 2018, Dr. Tomalin and his associate Brad Hansard expanded their knowledge and experience to apply the patented coating process to enhance EDM Small Hole and drilling tube electrodes demonstrate as much as 60% increase in productivity. The patent application has been filed and product will be introduced in 2018.

Today, GIP has extended its global reach by establishing cooperative arrangements with THERMOCOMPACT’s manufacturing operation in France and Vietnam and PAPS manufacturing operation in Korea to produce exclusive GIP products at competitive pricing.

GIP has also expanded its capabilities including expertise in metallurgy, software engineering and machine tool operation.

Moving forward, GIP will be investing in and acquiring newly developed patented technologies while continuing to research and develop the future of EDM.