GIP has established staff and equipment that conducts qualified testing of EDM wire. In addition, GIP maintains a complete database on commonly used EDM wires in the industry. Our data is continuously updated to compare test results with the test conducted for competitive products under the same working environment.


In addition, GIP works very closely with International Technology Professional (ITP) including physical properties, cleanliness, cutting performance advanced core and coating analysis to gain an unbiased comparison with GIP test results.


Dr. Tomalin President of Composite Concept Company and his experienced staff, with many years of operating EDM machines, work together to perform necessary metallurgical testing including core and coating analysis to provide specialized support that can enhance EDM machine cutting performance.


GIP plans to join its marketing organization with the worldwide established distribution network. Our marketing organization is specifically structured to use product knowledge, technical support and proprietary product to serve customers. The enhanced market company, will work with OEM to provide patented technology and develop products that can improve machine performance through offering custom made products to fit specific machine technology.


GIP will work with OEMs and Dealers to assist them in finding the best shipping rates possible and by request only will aide in providing information regarding customs/duties involved with the delivery process . We want your experience to be smooth and trouble free.